Senior Promise 2016

4x6 - Front - LandscapeAbout the Campaign

Prom and Graduation – the time of year most high school seniors have been looking forward to since school began. It’s an exciting time, yet all too often these parties and celebrations turn tragic especially when alcohol and drugs are present. How serious is it? Statistics identify this as one of the deadliest times of year for teens, with seven of the top 10 deadliest driving days occurring between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

This campaign was designed to raise awareness by supporting smart choices and asking all members of the community to of the dangers associated with drugs, alcohol and stressing the importance of smart choices to help teens stay safe during this time of year with commitments a) help guard against the illegal use of alcohol and drugs, b) reiterate the dangers/consequences of impaired driving, and c) reiterate the importance of developing good driving habits that help keep everyone safe.

13266098_1125488597513420_3011792098179050872_nCampaign Components

Campaign Website with Specific calls to action and promises made by prom goers and graduating seniors, other students, parents, guardians and other community members.

Dealership activation to promote and encourage customers and other community members to join the campaign and make a promise.

Templates for POS materials: posters, table tents, pamphlets and banners Email and mail templates Press announcements for participating dealers to use in their local media markets Social media campaign.