Crash related deaths are a widespread problem that requires a combination of actions designed to educate and raise awareness with actionable calls to action.

While there are many factors that can contribute to crash and fatalities, human error is the constant variable that plays a part in the majority of crashes.

We are faced with a complex challenge that requires a combination of efforts and actions. The evolution of advanced driver assistance technology has made great strides, but the problem we are facing today isn’t about the technology. It’s about behavior. It’s about the choices you and I make when driving and as passengers.

Change starts with understanding the problem, raising awareness, and coming together as a community to embrace the solutions. In order for to that to happen, we need to start with a common understanding of the facts and the underlying causes, and the evidenced-based proven strategies that can save lives.

Throughout the year, NFTSD invites all drivers, passengers and pedestrians to take part in safety campaigns designed to raise awareness and engage youth and adults with specific calls to action.

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