Contests and Campaigns

Teen crash related deaths are a widespread problem that requires a combination of actions designed to educate and raise awareness. Working on the community level, the National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving builds alliances with businesses, government, law enforcement, schools, parents and teens to prevent these tragedies. We create a culture of safety that enables teens to positively influence their peers and others to solve this problem.

Change starts with understanding the problem, raising awareness, and coming together as a community to find the solutions. In order for to that to happen, we need to start with a common understanding of the facts and the underlying causes for so many teen crashes.

Throughout the year, NFTSD invites members to take part in safety campaigns designed to raise awareness and engage teens and adults with specific calls to action. Why teens and adults? Research shows that parents and other caring adults delivering consistent safety messages positively influence teen driving habits.

Upcoming Campaigns

Love Drives Me 2020

Kicks off February 1, 2020 – Stay Tuned!

Senior Promise 2020

Kicks off February 14, 2020 – Stay Tuned!

Past Campaigns