About Member Program

Reducing teen driving deaths and injuries requires a combination of national and local actions.
National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving has created a program exclusively for retail auto dealers to come together in a unified effort to combat this growing epidemic. Dealers across the country are joining NFTSD’s unique dealer-only program and recognizing countless opportunities to foster community goodwill and co-brand their own name with NFTSD.

The National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving collaborates with many nationwide safety organizations and then leverages these resources to build community based safety alliances with businesses, government, law enforcement, schools, parents and teens.

As local business leaders, retail auto dealers are uniquely positioned to make this positive impact and shift consumer perceptions of the auto retail industry. Dealers and NFTSD work together throughout the year to showcase dealer integrity with dealers activating four seasonal public relations campaigns; campaigns that are fully developed by NFTSD, easily executed and blend seamlessly with traditional dealer marketing.

These road safety campaigns raise awareness and engage teens and adults with specific calls to action. Why teens and adults? Research shows that parents and other caring adults delivering consistent safety messages positively influence teen driving habits.

This targeted and repetitive cause marketing builds trust between consumers and dealership personnel while showcasing the dealer as a local traffic safety leader and an employer of choice. Working with NFTSD, Dealers strengthen their own businesses and save lives.

We invite you to join us as the voice of the automotive retail industry in promoting teen safe driving to teens and adults that can influence their driving by developing and promoting a member based program. Together we can save lives.