Car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths in the United States.

In 2014, more than 2300 teens were killed and thousands more sustained life altering injuries.

Why so many crashes

Inexperience is the primary factor that leads to the crash.  Add to that distractions from texting or overcrowding, alcohol or drug impairment, or adverse driving conditions, and an inexperienced driver’s chance of crash increases dramatically.

Did you know that…

  • 40% of fatal crashes involving teen drivers take place at night
  • 56% of teens killed in crashes were not wearing a seat belt
  • 34% of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes were driving impaired
  • 44% of parents say they don’t supervise their teen during the probation license period

These stats will change with greater awareness and education for teens, parents and other influencers. That’s where you can help.

Dealers Driving Teen Safety

Reducing teen driving deaths and injuries requires a combination of national and local actions. National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving has created a program exclusively for retail auto dealers designed to raise awareness and educate teens, parents and others on ways to develop good driving skills and make smart choices that will help save lives. We provide members with flexible options to join a sustained effort focused on a cause that aligns with the auto industry.

We’ve developed a “turnkey” program model to ensure ease of activation

National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving works with you and provides guidance and support to help create an impactful and successful program at your dealership.

Options for Dealer Participation

Dealers Driving Teen Safety offers dealerships flexible membership options along with the support and guidance from NFTSD. Participate at a level that works for you.

NFTSD Campaigns and Contests

Add your name as part of our distribution channel and help us raise awareness and share important messages by participating in targeted awareness campaigns and Foundation sponsored contests at no cost to the dealership.

Throughout the year, we invite dealers to take part in targeted public service awareness campaigns, each with a specific call to action.  These campaigns are fully developed by NFTSD, easily executed and blend seamlessly with traditional dealer marketing. Participating dealers have access to all campaign assets, that can be co-branded by the dealership, and are provided to you at no cost.  Lending your voice to these important initiatives helps us deliver these important messages to teens, parents and other members of the community.

Dealership Hosted Parent/Teen Workshops

Awareness alone will not fix the problem.  It takes a combination of actions to effect behavior change. Some key factors in creating behavior change are knowledge and skills, and social and structural motivation.

Research is clear that teens whose parents take an active driver education role are involved in fewer and less severe crashes.  These workshops will help teens become responsible, skilled drivers, and help parents understand their role and help them prepare their teen for driving. Research shows that the way parents approach driving affects how teens perceive crash risks and practice safe driving behaviors. Involved parents who set rules and monitor their teens’ driving behavior in a supportive way can lower their teens’ crash risk by half.

Workshop are facilitated by a NFTSD expert program partner, or, if you are partnering with a school or youth participating organization, students and the group advisor can also facilitate the program. NFTSD provides all the tools needed for these interactive workshops.   The following areas can be included in a 90-minute interactive session:

  • Help educate parents on the importance of staying involved with their teen driver
  • Being a Good Role Model
  • Distracted, impaired and drowsy driving
  • Seat belts – why they are so important
  • Understanding the Graduated Driver License (GDL)
  • Effectively Enforcing the GDL at Home
  • The need for increased practice driving
  • Controlling the Keys …and more

Each workshop will also include a basic vehicle maintenance demonstration led by a dealership service manager or advisor.

Finally, we’ll talk about what you need to do if you are involved in a crash.

Partner with a local Youth Participating Organization or teen safety program

Youth participating organizations (YPO), civic organizations, local teen alliances or clubs that have a focus on safe driving or traffic safety need your help. NFTSD can provide guidance and show you how a partnership between a dealership and a Youth Participating Organization can be mutually beneficial. A YPO can be a school club, community organization, church or fraternal organization that sanctions a chapter of a national Youth Participating Organization (YPO), a community alliance, or an organization that provides youth services such as a YMCA or Boys and Girls Clubs.

Underwrite grants and scholarships to attend leadership or teen safe driving conferences, or related educational events. Sponsor a motivational speaker or youth leader to present at a school assembly, YPO conference or club event.

NFTSD manages all aspects of the program, and provides guidance to dealerships as needed. We provide all co-branded program, campaign and contest asset templates, workshop content, facilitator guides, participant materials, event planning guides, and support for parent/teen workshops. We work with you to ensure ease of activation at all levels of support.